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Audio healing meditation course for Hiking 

Our mission
Goals <br>
Our course is designed to ensure that you can enjoy Hiking for as long as possible and achieve new goals.
Tasks <br>
Hiking is an opportunity to keep muscles in shape, control weight, improve metabolism and, as stated by the American Hiking Society, Hiking reduces stress and anxiety.
Spiritual development
Spiritual development <br>
Hiking is a kind of meditation for body and spirit. 
On the road of spiritual development and enlightenment
Brochure-guide allows you to open your inner potential
Be ready to change your life forever
  • Immerse yourself in a brief study of human nature through the lens of the teachings of Jesus Christ and Gautama Buddha. Allow your mind to expand the boundaries of perception.
  • Self-healing-the hidden reserves of our body-a topic of increasing interest to modern man. About the hidden mechanism of self-healing, what is needed to restore the body's defenses, the causes of blocking and ways to enable its hidden reserves, all this you will find in our book.
Healthy joints for active life
Meditative audio course of rehabilitation of joints for Hiking
Guarantee results
The method of verbal-figurative emotional-volitional control of a person's condition – the "method of medical installations" - is based on the methods of psychotherapy and some methods of folk medicine. This technique is rooted in the heyday of Sumerian civilization, intertwining with the teachings of the ancient Egyptian community of " therapeutic monks "and the philosophy of the Qumran community - "Essenes", showing the boundless power of psychic energy.
It consists in repeated systematic reading or listening to the formulas of autosuggestion in order to control the human condition. The course includ CD - meditation audio course rehabilitation for the treatment of joints for Hiking:
  • Divine rebirth of yang locomotor apparatus – 33'12''
  • Complete recovery of the lower back, hip joints, legs – 8'55''
  • Recovery of bones and joints – 72'18''
+ Booklet, with recommendations, duplicating the contents of the CD (22 pages A4)

Advanced guided meditation audio course

Absolutely totally relaxation
For experienced meditators we recommend advanced meditation course, to reach a deep meditative state quickly and hold it for longer.Discover how you are much more than your physical body, and live more meaningfully! The Course is designed to reinforce the mind-body connection in order to strengthen the physical and mental components of the total healing process. The Course facilitator concentration and a sense of well-being while training the participant to recognize, understand, and use consciousness to direct energy for balancing and healing.
Advanced guided meditation course - enter and experience profound meditative states quickly and easily. This powerful but gentle meditation will help you to relax deeply as you view your life from a higher perspective, enabling you to find solutions to any worries or problems. By removing yourself from everyday life to see the larger picture, your mind will feel clearer and serene, allowing you to create positive changes in your life.
For those new to meditation, follow the verbally guided which will assist you in learning tools and techniques to enhance your meditation.
For experienced meditators, there are number of Metamusictitles ideal for deepening your meditation and helping you to enter into the meditative state quickly. The course includes CD-advanced guided meditation course:
  • The affirmations to relieve stress and tension – 26’44”
  • All worries are gone – 32’23”
  • Blissful relaxation – 15’43”
  • Affirmations for eternal positivity – 13’31”
  • Pure metamusik (as a present) – 33’35”
+ Booklet duplicating the contents of the CD (10 pages A4)

MP3 - $2.99
CD - $6.25
The book-instruction allows you to open your inner potential + Meditative audio course of rehabilitation of joints for Hiking..

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CD - $5.25
Advanced guided meditation audio course
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Complete course

Take advantage of the opportunity to become the owner of a complete course for just only $3.99 - MP3 ($9.25 - CD)
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It Works! It is necessary to repeat, not at one time the mental connections and attitudes in the head are reconstructed.
The work is ongoing. Very sore back, really like it and I'm sure everything will work out.
Absolutely works! ­
I believe in these moods. It was they who pulled me out of this state - horror! I'm fine after using these moods for six months now. Importantly, to these books and records were ALWAYS in HOUSE, ALWAYS NEAR!!!
It helps to tune in to the healing of joints. Like it!
As soon as I feel bad, I immediately resort to the help of moods. Thanks! With the help of moods I was able to come back to life after breaking my hip.­
In 2015, I had surgery on my right knee, tearing a ligament in a fall. It turns out the ligaments are restored much worse than the bones. Until now, the right knee is "tight"and crunches terribly. Began to listen to the course of joint recovery.I'll write on the results. ­
I'm sure it will help anyone who tries it. I will give the only advice that will lead you to success: do not stop without seeing obvious results, continue to fight and study further.

How many times should I listen to an exercise to get the effect or benefit?

These products are designed as a training series, typically work best when you listen multiple times to reinforce and anchor the intended benefit. Specific listening instructions are included with your purchase of these items.

What kind of equipment is required to listen to course?

A moderately priced stereo player, including portable CD players will work fine. For digital files we use the MP3 format, so our digital files will play on virtually any computer or audio device. Devices vary, so please refer to your own device manual from the manufacturer for instructions on how to get music onto your device.
Headphones are recommended for best results, and a good set of headphones will contribute to your enjoyment. Headphones that enclose the ear are preferred to reduce ambient room noise and provide a more distraction-free experience.
Make sure that the necessary software is installed on your electronic device to listen to audio files of the provided format.

What is included when Ordering a complete course?

If you choose to Order MP3, you will receive a digital file in MP3 format for each course (with the number of tracks specified in the description), the brochure-guide and booklets in PDF format.
If you choose to Order a CD, you will receive audio files recorded on CD for each course, printed versions of brochure-guide and booklets.

Compact Disc vs. MP3s

The frequencies on your downloads are every bit as effective as what is found on the CDs. The main difference is in the clarity of the music and/or verbal presentations.

Listening Tips

Verbal Recordings to Course of rehabilitation of joints - you can listen during Hiking, sports, on the way to work and home, household chores. Visualize or simply think of doing what the words describe. Learn the course should be as long as your condition does not come into full compliance with the content of the text of the course. To learn a course means to bring yourself in full compliance with its content.
Verbal Recordings to Advanced guided meditation audio course — Sit or lay comfortably in a distraction-free environment. Adjust the volume to a comfortable level. Visualize or simply think of doing what the words describe.
While many of our products contribute to wellness, they are not intended to replace medical diagnosis and treatment.
DO NOT listen to Advanced guided meditation audio course while driving or operating heavy equipment, or with other devices that may influence brain-wave activity. If you have a tendency towards seizures, auditory disorders, or adverse mental condition(s), DO NOT listen to any audio courses without first consulting your physician. In the unlikely event that you experience any unusual physical or mental discomfort, immediately discontinue use.

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