Medicine of the third Millennium

Spiritual health is the main basis of body health

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  • "Make Valerian tea Your everyday drink. Take these instructions seriously" (E. I. Roerich to America, may 1929)
  • "Valerian belongs to the category of life-givers, and its value is equal to the value of blood in the body. Valerian was occultly regarded as the blood of the vegetable Kingdom. It should be taken daily and constantly, without taking breaks, considering it on a par with daily food. You can take tincture on alcohol, but, of course, without impurities like ether. The dose is from 10 to 25 and 30 drops. But it is best to drink Valerian tea infused with roots. You can do it once or twice a day. " (E. I. Roerich-Aseev, August 28, 1931.)

  • "Valerian tea should be taken daily, for it is as essential as bread and water. You can take a coffee Cup before going to bed or even twice a day, adding a few mint leaves for flavor when cooking. Valerian tincture is less desirable, but you can also use it up to 30 drops. Since Valerian is listed as a life-giver, it should be understood. Who will refuse it and in what cases? The strength of tea brewing is individual, and everyone should set their own measure. Our tea color is not stronger than the average Chinese tea. No spices are recommended when using Valerian, as in General we never take them; especially at heights, no spices and alcohol are unacceptable. For asthmatic and hysterical suffocations, Valerian with amoniac is sometimes useful. To keep the respiratory organs clean, you should avoid any colds, and to prevent a runny nose, we inject a preparation of vaseline with menthol into the nose every evening. We also use hot milk with soda for laryngitis. (E. I. Roerich – A. M. Aseev, October 1, 1933)
  • "Not only in temples added Valerian to wine, but many Greek wines knew this admixture. So, both musk, and Valerian, and soda can be combined usefully. "(E. I. Roerich - R. ya. Rudzitis, 31.01.36)
  • " I also drink three times a day for a quarter of a Cup of Valerian tea, it surprisingly strengthens the nervous system." (E. I. Roerich - N. P. Serafinina, 10.12.36)
  • "When the nerve centers swell, it is good to drink very warm milk with soda. Soda reduces inflammation. I also strongly advise you to drink half a Cup of Valerian tea every day at night and in the morning. You can also tincture with alcohol from 20 to 25 drops per reception. By the way, you know that Valerian belongs to the life-givers, and it is advised to take it every day as a daily food, you should get used to it as to bread or milk. " (E. I. Roerich-V. L. Dutko, April 21, 1947.)
  • "Valerian is considered the most useful for our body, it is even better than musk, which contains a lot of animal magnetism." (E. I. Rerich, By K. Campbell, 09.08.49)
  • Among the prevention of anti-cancer and other fiery diseases, advise Valerian. I often talk about this strengthening and protecting remedy, but all prevention should be systematic; every evening without skipping, as the sun's daily path! (THE world of FIRE, PART 1, 386)


  • "Now about mint. Mint can be consumed in all types, both externally and internally. In India, where there are so many intestinal diseases, mint essence in the form of drops is widely used. In combination with magnesia, this is one of the best remedies. When the fire of the centers of peppermint is also very helpful. In the summer months, I do not part with menthol and RUB my face and the back of my head, because I can hardly stand the heat. Mint tea is undoubtedly a good disinfection, and mint vapors are also very helpful for some types of asthma. The smell of mint is unpleasant to the inhabitants of the lower layers of the Subtle World, so it is useful to keep a living plant in the rooms." Roerich - N. P. Serafinina, 12.06.36)
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  • " if Valerian is a life-giver, then mint is a guardian. "(E. I. Roerich to A. M. Aseev, August 28, 1931)
  • Mint can also be used to banish various undesirable entities, "which are so many around human auras." Quote from the letter of E. I. Roerich 28.08.1931 to A. M. Aseev: "It is always useful to have small coniferous trees in the room or to spray resinous essences. This clears the atmosphere and expels the various undesirable entities that are so numerous around human auras. For this purpose, mint is also good in the form of an essence sprayed in the air; or you can pour a few drops of the essence into hot water and put it near the headboard. In all the cases you listed, this is useful."
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Wormwood is a bitter herb

  • " Artemisia-wormwood oil is also a strong statement of the nervous system. It does not destroy, but fiercely cleanses from harmful sediments. "(The world of Fire, part 3, 595)
  • " Wormwood belongs to the 12 banners [itym] sredst [you] rosenkr[eitserov]. Wormwood tea is also useful for clogging and swelling of the tonsils. I saw a boy with severely swollen tonsils who was cured with wormwood tea. But, of course, wormwood oil should be even more effective for such diseases. In our area, local people use wormwood leaves against skin diseases. They RUB them and apply them to the inflamed place. "(E. I. Roerich a.m. Aseev 7. II. 36)
  • " wormwood Oil is good to RUB when the glands swell. So in Switzerland the doctors with swelling of the glands give patients a very light tea made from wormwood." (23.11.37. E. I. Roerich Letters. 1929-1938 vol 2)
  • " among the ancients it was considered useful to touch the glands with the roots of plants of the igniridae family, but this is a very primitive treatment, for the fireiness of these plants can be applied much more useful. They can give a useful extract to enhance fire activity. Obviously the ancients had in mind the treatment of like-for-like. Wormwood is also good, as well as rose oil can act calmly, but not so quickly. Of course fieriness of plants has many applications and can be part of the tonic". (The world of Fire part 1, 214 )